OKR template to increase Atlassian partnership conditions by region

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The OKR is aimed at increasing the conditions of Atlassian partnership across various regions. The goals involve improving customer satisfaction ratings, using partner enablement resources more efficiently, generating more revenue, and increasing the number of partners.

To improve customer satisfaction, this OKR plans on executing action initiatives such as listening and acting on customer's feedback, conducting regular satisfaction surveys, identifying areas that need tweaks, and consistently tracking satisfaction scores.

To increase utilization of partner enablement resources by 20%, there are no initiatives mentioned. However, generally this could involve creating awareness programs about available resources and training partners on how to use them effectively.

Revenue growth and partner increase will rest on conducting market research, devising targeted marketing strategies, improving relationships with current partners, incentivizing for increased sales, offering perks for partner referrals, and improving marketing campaigns to attract prospective partners.
  • ObjectiveIncrease Atlassian partnership conditions by region
  • Key ResultAchieve a customer satisfaction rating of 4.5 or higher for Atlassian partnerships in each region
  • TaskImplement action plans to address client feedback and improve customer satisfaction scores
  • TaskConduct customer satisfaction surveys with Atlassian partnership clients in each region
  • TaskAnalyze survey results to identify areas for improvement and develop action plans
  • TaskMonitor and track customer satisfaction ratings regularly to ensure continuous improvement
  • Key ResultImprove partner enablement resources utilization rate by 20%
  • Key ResultIncrease revenue generated through Atlassian partnerships in each region by 10%
  • TaskConduct market research to identify potential untapped regions for Atlassian partnerships
  • TaskDevelop a targeted marketing strategy to attract new partners and expand reach
  • TaskStrengthen relationship with existing partners through regular communication and collaboration
  • TaskOffer incentives and discounts to encourage partners to increase sales and revenue
  • Key ResultIncrease the number of Atlassian partners in each region by 15%
  • TaskProvide incentives and benefits for current partners to refer new partners
  • TaskCollaborate with local business associations to identify and onboard potential Atlassian partners
  • TaskEnhance the partner onboarding process to facilitate easy and quick registration
  • TaskImprove marketing campaigns to attract new potential Atlassian partners in each region
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