OKR template to enhance and Sustain High Performances in the EA Pool

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The primary objective of this OKR is to enhance and maintain high performances in the EA (Executive Assistant) pool. Initially, the plan brings in a new feedback system targeted to uplift employee satisfaction by 20%. To accomplish this, the strategy includes researching potent feedback systems, procuring, and setting up the chosen system, followed by employee training regarding the new system usage.

Another crucial goal is to bring down the EA pool's turnover rate to less than 5%. This aim revolves around initiatives such as providing competitive benefits and pay, enriching the workplace through team-building exercises, and enforcing continuous comprehensive training schemes.

The final part of this OKR focuses on improving the skills of all EAs by 25% through conducting bi-weekly training. For this, the plan encompasses producing specific EA training resources, drawing a comprehensive bi-weekly EA training calendar, and instating a tracking system to measure and document skills enhancement.

Overall, the OKR stresses increasing satisfaction, reducing turnover, and bettering the skills of EAs. Each of these objectives targets the core elements of productivity and employee satisfaction, indicating a comprehensive and well-directed approach towards improving the EA pool's overall performance.
  • ObjectiveEnhance and Sustain High Performances in the EA Pool
  • Key ResultImplement a new feedback system to increase employee satisfaction by 20%
  • TaskResearch and identify effective employee feedback systems
  • TaskPurchase and set up selected feedback system
  • TaskTrain staff on how to use the new system
  • Key ResultDecrease turnover rate in the EA pool to below 5%
  • TaskIntroduce competitive benefits and compensation
  • TaskImprove workplace environment through team-building activities
  • TaskImplement comprehensive and continuous training programs
  • Key ResultConduct bi-weekly training for all EAs to improve their skills by 25%
  • TaskDevelop specific training materials to enhance EA skills
  • TaskCreate a comprehensive bi-weekly EA skills training schedule
  • TaskImplement a method to measure and track skill improvement
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