OKR template to encourage user referrals

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Referrals can be direct and indirect:

  • Direct referrals: a user sent a link to your product to someone else.
  • Indirect: a user publishes a review/case study that helps others make a decision.
  • ObjectiveAccelerate momentum with user referrals
  • Key ResultIncrease weekly in-app referrals from 1.5 to 2.5/week
  • TaskAdd referral link in footer of weekly customer comms
  • TaskImprove visibility of referral actions
  • Key ResultPublish 5 case studies from top customers
  • TaskIdentify top 10 customers for case studies
  • TaskSecure 5 interviews
  • Key ResultSecure 20 new G2 reviews score 4+ stars
  • TaskContact 40 users scoring us NPS 9+ and ask for a review
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