OKR template to develop a comprehensive monolingual dictionary for both online and print use

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The key objective of this OKR is to create an all-encompassing monolingual dictionary for online and printed forms. The first major outcome involves compiling a list of 20,000 words with their corresponding definitions within a quarter. This would be achieved by identifying credible sources for word explanations, dedicating time everyday for compiling words, and noting down 222 words each day.

The second expected outcome involves coordinating the manufacture of 200 print copies of the dictionary. In order to achieve this, one must first finalize the content of the dictionary for printing, then arrange for the pickup or delivery of the finished dictionaries. Dealing with the printing company regarding the cost and other particulars of creating 200 copies is also included in the tasks.

Thirdly, for the online version, the creation and testing of a user-friendly interface for easy dictionary navigation is aimed for. This phase includes development of a prototype based on green-lighted designs, construction of design mockups for the dictionary's digital user interface, as well as user testing and gathering of feedback for refinement.

Overall, this OKR strives to make reliable word definitions readily accessible for users whether they choose to use the physical or digital format. It will require thorough planning and execution involving coordination and user interface design tasks.
  • ObjectiveDevelop a comprehensive monolingual dictionary for both online and print use
  • Key ResultCompile a list of 20,000 words and their meaning by the end of the quarter
  • TaskIdentify reliable sources for word definitions
  • TaskAllocate daily time for compiling words
  • TaskRecord 222 words and definitions daily
  • Key ResultCoordinate the production of 200 printed copies of the dictionary
  • TaskProofread and finalize dictionary content for print
  • TaskSchedule pickup or delivery of finished dictionaries
  • TaskContact printing company to negotiate price and details for 200 copies
  • Key ResultDesign and test user-friendly online interface for easy dictionary navigation
  • TaskDevelop a prototype based on approved designs
  • TaskSketch design mockups for the dictionary's online interface
  • TaskConduct user testing and gather feedback for improvements
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