OKR template to increase the volume and quality of event sponsorships

public-lib · Published 30 days ago

The OKR titled "Increase the volume and quality of event sponsorships" aims to improve the satisfaction of sponsors by 25%. To accomplish this, initiatives undertaken include weekly meetings to update on the event status, implementation of suggestions from feedback surveys, and personalized communication plans for each sponsor.

Another objective targeted here is a 20% rise in funds coming from existing sponsor contracts. The initiatives designed to achieve this include consistent communication to nurture sponsor relationships, demonstrating value through positive promotion, and renegotiating improved contract terms with current sponsors.

The OKR also seeks to secure 10 new sponsorships from businesses relevant within the industry. The methods for achieving this objective include reaching out to and negotiating with potential sponsors, creating personalized and compelling pitches for each potential sponsor, and identifying potential sponsors within the industry.

The three objectives outlined create a unified strategy for improving and expanding the volume and quality of event sponsorships. The OKR implements a strategic approach through three key initiatives, each targeting a specific area for improvement via a tailored approach.
  • ObjectiveIncrease the volume and quality of event sponsorships
  • Key ResultImprove sponsorship satisfaction rate by 25% as per feedback survey
  • TaskInitiate regular update meetings on event status
  • TaskImplement survey suggestions to enhance sponsor benefits
  • TaskDevelop a personalized communication plan for each sponsor
  • Key ResultAchieve a 20% increase in funds from existing sponsorship contracts
  • TaskStrengthen relationships with consistent communication
  • TaskDemonstrate value through positive promotion and recognition
  • TaskNegotiate improved terms with current sponsors
  • Key ResultSecure 10 new sponsorships from industry-relevant companies
  • TaskInitiate outreach and negotiations for sponsorship
  • TaskCreate compelling pitch tailored to each potential sponsor
  • TaskResearch and identify potential industry-relevant sponsors
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