OKR template to increase test automation coverage to 80%

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The OKR aims to increase test automation coverage to 80%. To achieve this, the plan is to develop and implement an additional 20% of automated tests per month, identify areas that need more automated tests, integrate these tests into the existing system, then write and validate new automations.

The management also intends to preserve a less than 5% failure rate in automated tests. Team training on test creation will be continuous, a strict quality assurance process will be implemented, and the automated tests will be reviewed and updated regularly to achieve this second objective.

Improving the average test execution time by 15% is another objective under the same OKR. To attain this, the team will implement more effective test optimization strategies, upgrade server hardware for enhanced processing power, and train staff in efficient testing procedures.

In a nutshell, this OKR aims at enhancing the quality, effectiveness, and speed of automated tests in order to ensure the product's optimum performance, error detection, rapid development, and reliable delivery.
  • ObjectiveIncrease test automation coverage to 80%
  • Key ResultDevelop and implement 20% more automated tests every month
  • TaskIdentify areas needing additional automated tests
  • TaskIntegrate tests into existing system
  • TaskWrite and validate new automations
  • Key ResultMaintain less than 5% failure rate in our automated tests
  • TaskProvide ongoing team training on test creation
  • TaskImplement rigorous quality assurance processes
  • TaskRegularly review and update the automated tests
  • Key ResultImprove average test execution time by 15%
  • TaskImplement more effective test optimization strategies
  • TaskUpgrade server hardware to boost processing power
  • TaskTrain staff in efficient testing procedures
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