OKR template to reduce operational cost in the Network Operations Center

public-lib · Published about 2 months ago

This OKR seeks to cut costs within the Network Operations Center. The first objective is to reduce unnecessary expenses by 15% through procurement optimization. Strategies involve implementing tighter approvals for procurement, conducting regular reviews of procurement practices, and eliminating surplus suppliers to streamline spending.

The second objective focuses on the adoption of cost-friendly automated systems to lower the cost of manual labor by 20%. The steps involve researching and selecting cost-effective systems, implementing these systems and overseeing the cost savings, and identifying areas where automation can replace manual labor.

The objective also aims for a 10% reduction in energy consumption through better management of resources. The initiatives include implementing weekly shutdowns of power in areas that aren't crucial, installing energy-efficient lighting and appliances across the facility, and optimizing the use of heating and cooling via insulation of the building envelope.

Overall, this OKR directly deals with operational cost efficiencies, specifically in procurement, labor, and energy consumption. It proposes rigorous approval processes, regular review of practices, smart automation, and efficient resource management as measures to achieve the set objectives.
  • ObjectiveReduce operational cost in the Network Operations Center
  • Key ResultReduce unnecessary expenses by 15% through procurement optimization
  • TaskImplement a stringent approval process for all procurements
  • TaskConduct regular reviews of procurement practices
  • TaskEliminate redundant suppliers to consolidate spending
  • Key ResultImplement cost-effective automated systems to decrease manual labor costs by 20%
  • TaskImplement the chosen systems and monitor the cost-saving
  • TaskResearch and select cost-effective automation systems
  • TaskIdentify areas where automation can replace manual labor
  • Key ResultAchieve a 10% reduction in energy usage through efficient resource management
  • TaskImplement weekly power shutdowns in non-essential areas
  • TaskInstall energy-efficient lighting and appliances throughout the facility
  • TaskInsulate building envelope to optimize heating/cooling use
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