OKR template to attract 400 new members to our community

public-lib · Published 2 months ago

This OKR focuses on attracting 400 new members to the established community. The first objective is to launch two referral programs designed to bring in 100 new members. This task includes following up with new community members, identifying possible referral opportunities, and promoting the programs through social media and email marketing.

The second objective fixates on improving the website's conversion rate by 10% to encourage new memberships. The initiatives supporting this goal include optimizing the landing page design, introducing persuasive calls-to-action, and enhancing the website's loading speed.

The third main objective is to execute three targeted marketing campaigns, each bringing in at least 100 new members. This mission involves iterating strategies based on captured data, managing campaign implementation, and crafting unique strategies for each marketing campaign.

In conclusion, this OKR targets strategic methods of expansion and attraction - introducing referral programs, hiking website conversion rates, and executing focused marketing campaigns - to usher 400 fresh members into our community.
  • ObjectiveAttract 400 new members to our community
  • Key ResultInitiate two referral programs leading to 100 more community members
  • TaskFollow up and onboard the new community members properly
  • TaskIdentify potential referral avenues and design two distinct programs
  • TaskPromote the referral programs via social media and email marketing
  • Key ResultImprove website conversion rate by 10% to encourage community sign-ups
  • TaskOptimize landing page design and layout for user engagement
  • TaskImplement clear, compelling calls-to-action towards community sign-up
  • TaskTest and improve website loading speed
  • Key ResultExecute 3 targeted marketing campaigns, each attracting a minimum of 100 new members
  • TaskAdjust strategies based on captured data to attract new members
  • TaskImplement campaigns, tracking their success and reach
  • TaskDevelop individual strategies for three targeted marketing campaigns
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