OKR template to mitigate the risk associated with software maintenance

public-lib · Published 8 days ago

This OKR revolves around mitigating potential risks linked with software maintenance. It emphasizes the need to develop and implement an effective risk management model for the majority of maintenance projects. The targeted outcomes are the application of this model to current projects for proper evaluation, and training project managers on how to use it.

Another crucial aspect of this OKR seeks to address the subject of issues regarding the maintained software. The target is to have zero unresolved critical issues. This will be achieved through proactive problem identification, regular system checks, and establishing efficient issue reporting and resolution procedures.

Thriving towards skill enhancement, this OKR also entails providing titled training for all software engineers on identified critical areas. To ensure the program's success, it is necessary to schedule and conduct training sessions, develop customized training programs focusing on these areas, and identify other areas needing special attention.

At its core, this OKR is set to ensure optimal software performance by managing risks, solving critical issues timely, and enhancing the skill level of software engineers through tailored training.
  • ObjectiveMitigate the risk associated with software maintenance
  • Key ResultImplement efficient risk management model for 90% of maintenance projects
  • TaskDevelop a comprehensive risk management model for maintenance projects
  • TaskApply the model to current maintenance projects for evaluation
  • TaskTrain project managers in risk management implementation
  • Key ResultAchieve zero unresolved critical issues for all maintained software
  • TaskTrain staff in proactive problem identification and resolution
  • TaskImplement regular system checks for software performance
  • TaskEstablish efficient issue reporting and resolution procedures
  • Key ResultProvide tailored training for all software engineers on identified critical areas
  • TaskSchedule and conduct tailored training sessions for engineers
  • TaskDevelop customized training programs focusing on these critical areas
  • TaskIdentify critical areas needing tailored training for software engineers
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