OKR template to ensure compliance through complete closing of audit findings for data governance

public-lib · Published 2 months ago

The OKR aims to ensure compliance by completely addressing audit findings related to data governance. The first objective focuses on achieving total closure of existing data governance audit findings. To achieve this, distinct strategies are outlined, including implementing necessary corrections, reviewing all existing findings, and developing a thorough rectification plan.

The second goal is to conduct two successful training sessions about data governance improvements. The aim is to have at least 90% staff attendance. While no specific initiatives are provided for this objective, it presupposes that planning and organizing these sessions are imperative actions.

The third objective of this OKR aims at implementing improvements in as many relevant areas as possible, with a goal of reaching 80%. The strategies to achieve this outcome include tracking and documenting all changes made, identifying areas that need improvement from the audit findings, and prioritizing the implementation of changes in these areas.

Overall, ensuring the total closure of data governance audit findings, facilitating training sessions on data governance, and implementing improvements from the audit findings in relevant areas are key pursuits of this OKR. It represents a focused effort towards achieving total compliance and continuous improvement in data governance.
  • ObjectiveEnsure compliance through complete closing of audit findings for data governance
  • Key ResultAchieve 100% closure of existing data governance audit findings
  • TaskImplement corrections and verify completion
  • TaskReview all existing data governance audit findings
  • TaskDevelop a detailed rectification plan
  • Key ResultConduct two training sessions on data governance improvements and achieve 90% staff attendance
  • Key ResultImplement improvements highlighted from audit findings in 80% of relevant areas
  • TaskTrack and document all changes made
  • TaskIdentify areas needing improvement from audit findings
  • TaskPrioritize implementing changes in 80% of these areas
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