OKR template to enhance data governance by building a robust business catalog

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The OKR is about enhancing data governance through a robust business catalog. In particular, it aims to increase the number of cataloged business assets by 30%. Strategies to achieve this objective include conducting an equipment inventory audit, acquiring new business assets, and encouraging employees to report any unregistered assets.

Additionally, the OKR plans to improve data accuracy in the business catalog to 95%. Training staff on the importance of data accuracy and implementing rigorous data validation procedures play a key role in achieving this objective. Frequent data audits and cleansing also contribute to this goal.

Another key facet of the OKR is the standardization of cataloging and data stewardship. The organization aims to introduce guidelines for standardized cataloging that can be applied across all departments. Developing these guidelines, communicating them to the department heads for implementation, and monitoring compliance are vital steps in this process.

In essence, the said OKR is an organized effort for improving assets' cataloging and enhancing data quality and consistency. This also involves standardizing processes and getting everyone from every department on board with the guidelines and procedures.
  • ObjectiveEnhance data governance by building a robust business catalog
  • Key ResultIncrease number of cataloged business assets by 30%
  • TaskInitiate an equipment inventory audit across all departments
  • TaskInvest in new business assets and update registry
  • TaskEncourage employees to report unregistered assets
  • Key ResultAchieve 95% data accuracy and completeness in the built business catalog
  • TaskTrain staff on data accuracy importance and techniques
  • TaskImplement rigorous data validation procedures
  • TaskConduct regular audits and cleanups of existing data
  • Key ResultEstablish standardized cataloging and data stewardship guidelines applicable across all departments
  • TaskDevelop guidelines for standardized cataloging and data stewardship
  • TaskCommunicate guidelines to all department heads for implementation
  • TaskMonitor department compliance with standardized procedures
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