OKR template to boost talent retention

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The OKR acronym can look scary but meaning of OKR is simple: you have Objectives to set the direction and Key Results to measure progress on specific goals.

In the context of talent retention, OKRs can help an organization focus on key strategies for retaining top performers and ensuring they are engaged and committed to the company's mission.

  • ObjectiveIncrease Employee Retention
  • Key ResultCreate an employee recognition program
  • TaskSelect a method of recognizing employees who meet the criteria.
  • TaskSet goals and criteria for employee recognition.
  • TaskIdentify a reward system for employees who meet the criteria.
  • TaskCreate a system for tracking employee recognition.
  • Key ResultIncrease employee retention rate by 15%
  • TaskCreate an engaging work environment.
  • TaskDevelop a competitive benefits package.
  • TaskEstablish a career growth plan.
  • TaskImplement regular performance reviews.
  • Key ResultIncrease employee satisfaction ratings by 25%
  • TaskCreate a list of actionable items to improve employee satisfaction.
  • TaskMonitor employee satisfaction ratings and make adjustments as needed.
  • TaskSurvey employees to gain insight into their satisfaction levels.
  • TaskImplement a system to track employee satisfaction ratings.
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