OKR template to improve understanding of dating algorithms

public-lib · Published 12 months ago

The primary goal of this OKR is to enhance understanding of dating algorithms. The first objective towards this goal is to create a prototype of a dating algorithm and evaluate its accuracy. This involves building the prototype, defining the key parameters, collecting a diverse dataset of users profiles to test the algorithm and evaluating its performance.

The second objective is to gather knowledge from industry experts on the design of dating algorithms, which provides the opportunity to gain valuable insights and feedback. There are no specific initiatives under this objective, indicating that this goal will be pursued through ongoing collaboration and networking.

The third objective is centered around analyzing data from different dating apps to identify patterns and trends in user behavior. This involves cleaning the data, collecting data from various dating apps, conducting statistical analysis for patterns identification, and communicating the findings through reports and visualizations.

Lastly, a literature review of existing dating algorithms and their effectiveness will be conducted. This requires identifying databases and platforms that have information of dating algorithms, creating a comprehensive list of keywords for effective search, review of pertinent articles and papers, and summarizing the findings for analysis.
  • ObjectiveImprove understanding of dating algorithms
  • Key ResultDevelop a prototype of a dating algorithm and test its accuracy and compatibility
  • TaskBuild the prototype of the dating algorithm using a suitable programming language
  • TaskAnalyze and evaluate the algorithm's performance based on the dataset results
  • TaskDefine the key parameters and inputs for the dating algorithm
  • TaskGather a diverse dataset of user profiles to test the algorithm's accuracy and compatibility
  • Key ResultCollaborate with industry experts to gain insights and feedback on dating algorithm design
  • Key ResultAnalyze data from dating apps to identify patterns and trends in user behavior
  • TaskClean and organize the data to remove duplicates and any inconsistencies
  • TaskGather data from multiple dating apps to build a comprehensive dataset
  • TaskConduct statistical analysis to identify patterns and trends in user behavior
  • TaskGenerate visualizations and reports to communicate the findings effectively
  • Key ResultConduct literature review on existing dating algorithms and their effectiveness
  • TaskIdentify relevant databases and online platforms for literature search on dating algorithms
  • TaskCreate a comprehensive list of keywords related to dating algorithms for effective search
  • TaskReview and evaluate scholarly articles and research papers on existing dating algorithms
  • TaskSummarize findings and analyze the effectiveness of various dating algorithms studied
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