OKR template to master fundamentals of Data Structures and Algorithms

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This OKR centers on mastering the complex fundamentals of data structures and algorithms. The objective is mainly focused on self-guided learning and hands-on practical application of knowledge. The first desired outcome is a thorough understanding of advanced data structures and algorithms as gleaned from three different books on the subject.

The second outcome relates to an online test of the acquired knowledge. This is accomplished through the successful completion of ten online assignments related to data structures. The 90% accuracy benchmark is set to ensure the efficient comprehension and consolidation of the knowledge gathering from the books.

The third outcome focuses on the practical application of the acquired knowledge. This is measured through the development of five unique algorithms that can solve complex mathematical problems. The emphasis here is on problem-solving and understanding how algorithms can be used to solve real-world challenges.

Finally, a key element of this OKR is summarizing key concepts from each one of the books and developing new algorithms. The ultimate goal is to effectively understand and apply key principles and methods found in data structures and algorithms.
  • ObjectiveMaster fundamentals of Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Key ResultRead and summarize 3 books on advanced data structures and algorithms
  • TaskRead each book thoroughly, highlighting important parts
  • TaskWrite summaries analyzing key concepts of each book
  • TaskPurchase or borrow 3 books on advanced data structures and algorithms
  • Key ResultComplete 10 online assignments on data structures with 90% accuracy
  • Key ResultDevelop and successfully test 5 algorithms for complex mathematical problems
  • TaskImplement and thoroughly test the devised algorithms
  • TaskDevelop unique algorithms to solve identified problems
  • TaskIdentify 5 complex mathematical problems requiring algorithms
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