OKR template to strengthen operational self-sufficiency and resiliency within the business

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The overarching objective is to empower the business by enhancing its operational self-sufficiency and resilience. One specific milestone for this is the establishment of two new business continuity plans. The initiatives forming this outcome include identifying possible risks, outlining strategies to mitigate them, and vigorous testing and refinement of plans.

Another crucial goal to bolster sustainability is increasing the emergency fund savings by at least 25%. This number entails meticulously going through the current budget, weeding out unnecessary expenditure, setting up regular transfers to the emergency fund, and exploring side gigs to boost income.

A third significant outcome is training 90% of the team on new operational procedures to boost autonomy. The steps to achieving this include crafting simplified documentation for easier understanding, conducting comprehensive training sessions, and implementing regular follow-up assessments to ensure competency.

All these approaches ultimately aim at enhancing self-reliance and resilience within operations, ensuring the business can weather potential risks and interruptions, and continue to function effectively in times of crisis. Additional benefits include boosting financial security and empowering the team with greater autonomy.
  • ObjectiveStrengthen operational self-sufficiency and resiliency within the business
  • Key ResultImplement two new business continuity plans
  • TaskTest and refine the proposed business continuity plans
  • TaskDevelop two separate strategies that address these risks
  • TaskIdentify potential risks that could disrupt business operations
  • Key ResultIncrease emergency fund savings by 25%
  • TaskSet up automated monthly transfers to emergency fund
  • TaskAnalyze current budget and identify unnecessary expenses
  • TaskGenerate additional income through side jobs
  • Key ResultTrain 90% of the team on new operational procedures for better autonomy
  • TaskImplement follow-up assessments to ensure competency
  • TaskOrganize comprehensive training sessions for team members
  • TaskDevelop simplified documentation of new operational procedures
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