OKR template to improve mobile app reusability throughout the organization

public-lib · Published 10 months ago

The OKR aims to enhance the reuse of the mobile app within the organization. The objective is twofold: enhance the skills of developers on efficient reuse of the app components and consolidate the app features to reduce duplication. The ultimate goal is to train every developer and reduce duplication by 80%.

The second key result focuses on implementing action plans in order to decrease redundant features. This includes creating a clear consolidation plan, identifying existing duplicate functionalities, followed by their actual implementation in the application. The goal is to minimize these duplicate functionalities by 80%.

Thirdly, the introduction of a shared framework is proposed to standardize mobile app functionalities. This involves the identification of common features across all existing apps, the development of a shared environment which integrates these similarities, and finally integrating this framework into 75% of the mobile apps.

An extensive training program on app component reusability is also designed to educate the developers, along with monitoring and evaluating said training's effectiveness. Timetabled sessions are set to guarantee the full engagement of this initiative, with a target of training every developer in the organization.
  • ObjectiveImprove mobile app reusability throughout the organization
  • Key ResultConduct training for 100% of developers on efficient app component reusability practices
  • TaskDevelop a comprehensive reusability practices training program
  • TaskMonitor and evaluate the training's effectiveness
  • TaskSchedule training sessions for all developers
  • Key ResultReduce app feature duplication by 80% through consolidation efforts
  • TaskImplement the consolidation plan in the app
  • TaskCreate a concise plan for feature consolidation
  • TaskIdentify features with duplication in the app
  • Key ResultImplement shared framework to universalize 75% of mobile app functionalities
  • TaskIntegrate framework into 75% of mobile apps
  • TaskDevelop a shared framework integrating these commonalities
  • TaskIdentify common functionalities across existing mobile apps
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