OKR template to expand e-learning opportunities for students

public-lib · Published about 2 months ago

This OKR primarily focuses on broadening e-learning opportunities for students. The primary objective is to enhance virtual learning experiences by improving the quality of digital content and reaching a student satisfaction rate of at least 80%. To meet this outcome, feedback will be regularly gathered, technical support will be available and engaging e-learning content will be developed.

Another approach will be to increase student enrolment in e-learning modules by 25%. This will be achieved by starting a targeted digital marketing campaign for online modules, improving user experience, and forming partnerships with schools to promote these modules.

In addition, the goal included launching five new e-learning courses across various domains. The initiatives to reach this outcome include creating engaging, interactive content for each course, implementing the courses on an e-learning platform, and identifying crucial topics for course outlines in each discipline.

In summary, this OKR aims at expanding e-learning opportunities by enhancing virtual instruction, increasing student enrolment in online modules, and introducing new e-learning courses.
  • ObjectiveExpand e-learning opportunities for students
  • Key ResultAchieve at least 80% satisfaction rate on student surveys about e-learning experiences
  • TaskGather and implement student feedback regularly
  • TaskProvide prompt technical support for e-learning issues
  • TaskDevelop user-friendly and engaging e-learning content
  • Key ResultIncrease student enrollment in e-learning modules by 25%
  • TaskInitiate a targeted digital marketing campaign for e-learning modules
  • TaskImprove user experience on the e-learning platform
  • TaskPartner with schools to promote e-learning modules
  • Key ResultLaunch 5 new e-learning courses across various disciplines
  • TaskCreate engaging, interactive content for each course
  • TaskImplement the courses on an e-learning platform
  • TaskIdentify key topics and design course outlines for each discipline
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