OKR template to enhance customer service by reducing average response time

public-lib · Published 3 months ago

This OKR is titled, "Enhance customer service by reducing average response time". This goal aims to improve the quality of customer service by focusing on several aspects associated with response time. The primary objectives include implementing an automated response system, decreasing the average response time, and training staff in efficient response methods.

Objective one is to have an automated response system in place that can handle 35% of customer queries. To reach this goal, three key actions are identified. These include selecting suitable software, identifying the most frequently asked queries for automation, and training staff to manage the new system.

The second objective is directly linked to decreasing the average response time by a substantial 15%. To achieve this, the plan includes providing advanced training to customer service staff, the implementation of a streamlined process for responding to customer queries, and investing in superior customer handling software.

The third objective focuses on the process of training staff. It aims to ensure that 70% of the customer service staff are trained in time-efficient response practices. This includes the development and implementation of such a program, and targeting suitable staff for this training.
  • ObjectiveEnhance customer service by reducing average response time
  • Key ResultImplement an automated response system to handle 35% of queries
  • TaskSelect suitable software for automated response system
  • TaskIdentify the most frequent queries for automation
  • TaskTrain staff on managing and updating the system
  • Key ResultDecrease the average response time by 15%
  • TaskProvide advanced training for customer service staff
  • TaskImplement a streamlined process for responding to queries
  • TaskInvest in quicker, more efficient customer service software
  • Key ResultTrain 70% of customer service staff in time-efficient response practices
  • TaskDevelop a time-efficient response training program
  • TaskImplement the program and monitor progress
  • TaskIdentify 70% customer service staff for training
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