OKR template to boost Odoo CRM utilization and proficiency company-wide

public-lib · Published about 1 month ago

This OKR aims to enhance the utilization and proficiency of the Odoo CRM platform throughout the company. By reducing data input errors by 40%, it envisages automating data validation, auditing data entries routinely, and comprehensive data input training for all CRM users to help achieve this goal.

The OKR also proposes achieving 80% attendance in Odoo CRM training sessions. To do this, the firm will schedule convenient training sessions for most employees, deploy company-wide incentives for attending the sessions, and send regular reminders about upcoming sessions.

Increasing the frequency of Odoo CRM user logins by 30% is another objective of this OKR. This enhancement can be brought about through several initiatives like introducing an incentive program for frequent users, improving the user interface for better accessibility, and scheduling regular user training sessions.

In sum, this OKR strives for a sweeping improvement in the use and familiarity of the ODoo CRM across the company. By reducing errors, encouraging training attendance, and boosting login frequency, the listed initiatives make this a comprehensive plan to increase operational efficiency.
  • ObjectiveBoost Odoo CRM utilization and proficiency company-wide
  • Key ResultDecrease data input errors in Odoo CRM by 40%
  • TaskRegularly audit data entries for errors and inaccuracies
  • TaskIntegrate automated data validation tools in Odoo CRM
  • TaskImplement comprehensive data input training for all CRM users
  • Key ResultAccomplish 80% attendance in Odoo CRM training sessions
  • TaskSchedule training times that are suitable for majority of employees
  • TaskImplement company-wide incentives for attending the training
  • TaskSend regular reminders about upcoming Odoo CRM sessions
  • Key ResultIncrease Odoo CRM user login frequency by 30%
  • TaskImplement incentive program for frequent login users
  • TaskImprove user interface for enhanced accessibility
  • TaskImplement regular user training sessions
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