OKR template to enhance and refine presentation skills

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The key goal is to improve and refine presentation skills. This involves delivering 10 well-received presentations, successfully completing a public speaking course, and regularly attending Toastmasters club meetings. The presentations should score 80% positive feedback each time. The individual will need to develop engaging content, practice presenting regularly, and constantly seek and apply feedback for improvements.

The second objective requires the completion of a professional presentation and public speaking course. The progress will be measured from 0% to 100%, using initiatives such as enrollment in a renowned institution, constantly practicing and applying new skills, and full participation in all course activities.

The final objective aims at regular participation in local Toastmasters club meetings twice per month. The individual is expected to participate actively, ask for constructive feedback and be fully informed of the meeting schedules of local Toastmasters clubs. The specific initiatives include attending at least two meetings a month, engaging in the club's dialogues and knowing the clubs’ meeting schedules.

Each of these objectives contributes to the final goal: enhancing and refining presentation skills. The initiatives highlight the action points to be followed to achieve each objective which in turn facilitates the achievement of the final objective.
  • ObjectiveEnhance and refine presentation skills
  • Key ResultDeliver 10 presentations, receiving above 80% positive feedback each time
  • TaskRequest and analyze feedback for improvement
  • TaskDevelop engaging content for 10 distinct presentations
  • TaskPractice presenting to ensure effective delivery
  • Key ResultSuccessfully complete a professional public speaking and presentation skills course
  • TaskEnroll in a reputable public speaking course
  • TaskPractice skills learned and incorporate feedback
  • TaskRegularly participate in all course activities
  • Key ResultParticipate in local Toastmasters club meetings twice a month to practice and receive feedback
  • TaskAttend two Toastmasters meetings per month
  • TaskEngage and ask for constructive feedback
  • TaskIdentify local Toastmasters clubs and their meeting schedules
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