OKR template to conduct thorough analysis of two main competitors

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The OKR titled "Conduct thorough analysis of two main competitors" revolves around detailed scrutiny of competitors' business strategies and their products. The intention is to identify and list 10 key strategies used by each competitor by the 4th week of the timeline. This involves thorough competitor research, understanding their unique strategic approaches, and compiling these detailed lists.

The second outcome branches from the first one, focusing on creating an in-depth comparative report on the identified strategies. This detailed report, which will be presented by week 8, requires data compilation on competitor strategies, subsequent comparative analytical development, and the generation and rehearsal of a comprehensive presentation.

The final outcome is focused on analyzing and documenting the benefits and drawbacks of competitive products by the end of the 6th week. Initiatives for this include identifying main competitors and their respective products by the 2nd week, documenting drawbacks by the 6th week, and assessing the benefits of competitive products by the 4th week.

In summary, this OKR aims to carefully dissect and evaluate the business strategies and products of the two main competitors in order to draw a clear comparative analysis. This analysis provides valuable insight when it comes to outmaneuvering opponents in the same industry.
  • ObjectiveConduct thorough analysis of two main competitors
  • Key ResultIdentify and list 10 key business strategies of each competitor by week 4
  • TaskComplete and review strategy lists by week 4
  • TaskResearch competitors and their unique strategic approaches
  • TaskCompile a list of 10 strategies per competitor
  • Key ResultCraft and present a detailed comparative report on competitor strategies by week 8
  • TaskResearch and compile data on current competitor strategies
  • TaskDevelop a comparative analysis from gathered data
  • TaskPrepare and rehearse a detailed presentation report
  • Key ResultAnalyse and document competitive product benefits and drawbacks by week 6
  • TaskDocument drawbacks of competitive products by week 6
  • TaskIdentify main competitors and their respective products by week 2
  • TaskEvaluate competitive product benefits by week 4
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