OKR template to reach $100,000 ARR in app stores without paid marketing

Tability Templates · Published over 1 year ago

The app Bumpy managed to generate $100K+ ARR in 2 years in a B2C SaaS market through simple App Store Optimization (ASO).

This template is inspired by Bumpy's CEO post that explains how they achieved it.

Read the full post here.

  • ObjectiveAchieve $100K ARR through organic traffic
  • Key ResultTriple installs thanks to localization
  • TaskLocalize title, subtitles, screenshots, description and keywords
  • Key ResultIncrease revenue growth by 60%
  • TaskA/B test screenshots on Google Play
  • TaskSign up for App Store Optimization tool (https://appradar.com/)
  • TaskA/B test screenshots and icons on App StoreS
  • TaskSurvey users to understand their core keywords
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