OKR template to develop a unified platform for third-party data delivery to mobile apps

public-lib · Published 12 months ago

The overall goal is to establish a unified platform for delivering third-party data to mobile apps. This aim will be accomplished by several outcomes, the first of which involves integrating the platform with five different third-party data sources. The specific initiatives include identifying, testing, and building API connectors for each source.

The second objective is to shape and prototype the platform's functions by running tests with three different mobile apps. In order to reach this goal, the initiatives include incorporating the designs into a model, running tests with mobile applications, and creating diagrams for the functionality of the platform.

The third objective is to accomplish an above 85% user satisfaction rating post-platform launch. To accomplish this, all user issues will be promptly addressed, feedback surveys will be regular, and a user-friendly design for the platform will be implemented.

Ultimately, this OKR aims to ensure a versatile and user-friendly platform that provides third-party data to different mobile apps, aiming to satisfy above 85% of its users after launch. It plans to do so through steps including identifying relevant data sources, testing these before launch, and regularly evaluating user satisfaction.
  • ObjectiveDevelop a unified platform for third-party data delivery to mobile apps
  • Key ResultEnable integration of the platform with 5 different third-party data sources
  • TaskIdentify 5 third-party data sources relevant to the platform
  • TaskTest and troubleshoot all data integrations
  • TaskBuild API connectors for each data source
  • Key ResultDesign and prototype the platform's functionality by testing with 3 mobile apps
  • TaskDevelop prototype incorporating these designs
  • TaskTest prototype with 3 mobile apps
  • TaskSketch designs for the platform's functionality
  • Key ResultAchieve a user satisfaction rating of above 85% after the platform is launched
  • TaskQuickly resolve any reported user issues
  • TaskConduct regular feedback surveys with users
  • TaskImplement a user-friendly design for the platform
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