OKR template to acquire advanced Data Science skills

public-lib · Published 23 days ago

The first part of the OKR entails the acquisition of advanced Data Science skills, with the objective of obtaining recognised certification in Python and R programming. This course of action requires thorough study, enrollment in selected certification courses and the careful selection of reputable certification bodies.

The second part of the OKR hinges on the practical application of the aforementioned Data Science skills. This involves the implementation of a trio of Data Science projects, each one making use of a different dataset and algorithm. There are no specific initiatives associated with this outcome in the provided YML.

The third objective within this OKR involves completing five online Data Science courses with a minimum score of 85%. This requires the dedication of daily study time to course completion, an aspiration to achieve at least 85% on all assignments and course selection.

Overall, this OKR is focused on improving one's Data Science skills, obtaining recognition of these skills, applying them to practical projects, and further enhancing them through additional coursework.
  • ObjectiveAcquire advanced Data Science skills
  • Key ResultObtain certification in Python and R programming from any reputed certification body
  • TaskStudy thoroughly and pass certification exams
  • TaskEnroll in selected certification courses
  • TaskResearch reputable bodies offering Python and R certifications
  • Key ResultImplement three Data Science projects using different datasets and algorithms
  • Key ResultComplete five online Data Science courses with at least 85% score
  • TaskDedicate daily study time to complete coursework
  • TaskAim for a minimum 85% score on all assignments
  • TaskChoose five online Data Science courses
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