OKR template to improve the efficiency of the chargeback recovery process

public-lib · Published 3 months ago

This OKR focuses on making the chargeback recovery process more efficient. The primary objective is to bolster the recovery rate by a quarter. Key tactics include the optimization of billing descriptors, the implementation of superior fraud detection software, and staff training on optimal dispute resolution techniques.

The second outcome targets a reduction of the recovery processing time by 15%. To accomplish this, we aim to make our staff proficient in efficient recovery processes, increase investment in automation for recovery-related software, and implement strategies to simplify recovery procedures.

Another critical objective is to drop the rate of unresolved chargebacks by a fifth. This will be achieved by continually updating and scrutinizing charging policies, implementing rigid customer verification processes, and training staff in identifying potential fraud instances.

Overall, the OKR aims to streamline, optimize, and refine the chargeback recovery process to improve efficiency, speed, and resolution rate. By addressing these three critical areas, we anticipate notable progress in our chargeback recovery function.
  • ObjectiveImprove the efficiency of the chargeback recovery process
  • Key ResultIncrease chargeback recovery rate by 25%
  • TaskReview and optimize billing descriptors
  • TaskImplement advanced fraud detection software
  • TaskTrain staff on effective dispute resolution techniques
  • Key ResultReduce recovery processing time by 15%
  • TaskTrain staff on time-efficient recovery processes
  • TaskInvest in automated recovery-based software to improve efficiency
  • TaskImplement process improvement strategies to streamline recovery procedures
  • Key ResultMinimize unresolved chargebacks by 20%
  • TaskRegularly update and review charging policies
  • TaskImplement stricter customer verification measures
  • TaskTrain staff to identify potential fraud
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