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The OKR title "Become a Computer Security Expert" embodies the overall goal: to achieve expertise in computer security. This involves the acquisition of crucial skills and knowledge, and the successful application of these in multiple areas. The specific objectives outlined form an integral part of this journey to becoming a seasoned professional in the field.

The first objective focuses on preparation for, and passing, the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) exam with at least an 80% score. The CEH, a highly recognized certification, will contribute greatly in affirming the individual's expertise in computer security. This objective is therefore crucial to the overall aim.

Another objective is to create and successfully complete a comprehensive security project that garners positive feedback from industry experts. This involves engaging with professionals, measuring the efficacy of implemented security measures, and developing and instituting robust protocols throughout all systems and processes. This objective requires proactive efforts in networking and meticulous execution of ongoing security procedures.

The final objectives entail completing at least two online courses with a score of 90% or higher and implementing effective security measures on the owner's PC, resulting in zero malware incidents. This will further cement knowledge and practical skills in computer security, while the latter objective offers an opportunity to directly apply learned skills in a personal context.
  • ObjectiveBecome a computer security expert
  • Key ResultSuccessfully pass the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) exam with a score of 80% or higher
  • Key ResultDevelop and execute a comprehensive security project, receiving positive feedback from industry experts
  • TaskCollaborate with industry experts to gather insights and recommendations for improving security measures
  • TaskRegularly monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of implemented security measures to ensure ongoing protection
  • TaskDevelop and implement robust security protocols and controls across all systems and processes
  • TaskConduct a thorough assessment of current security vulnerabilities and risks
  • Key ResultComplete at least two online courses on computer security, scoring above 90% in each
  • TaskEnsure mastery of course materials and aim to score above 90% in assessments
  • TaskDevote dedicated hours per week to studying and completing the online courses
  • TaskResearch and identify two reputable online courses for computer security
  • TaskEnroll in the selected online courses on computer security
  • Key ResultImplement and manage effective security measures on personal computer resulting in zero malware incidents
  • TaskInstall a reliable antivirus software program on the personal computer
  • TaskEnable automatic software updates for the operating system and all installed applications
  • TaskAvoid clicking on suspicious links or downloading files from untrustworthy sources
  • TaskRegularly update the antivirus software to ensure the latest protection against malware
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