OKR template to enhance protection of vulnerable customers against fraud

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The OKR titled "Enhance protection of vulnerable customers against fraud" is geared towards safeguarding customers perceived as easy targets for deceit. The first objective requires entire customer service staff to be educated on identifying and averting fraudulent situations. Monitoring processes to evaluate comprehension and practical application, designing an all-inclusive training course on fraud detection and prevention, and organizing obligatory training for all representatives are the steps detailed.

Moreover, the objective specifies a 40% decrease in fraud events involving vulnerable customers. For this, implementing stern identity checking procedures throughout customer transactions, upgrading the fraud detection software for enhanced recognition of suspicious activities, and introducing fraud recognition and prevention training for the workforce are the suggested strategies.

The final objective details the execution of a special step-by-step assistance scheme for a majority (90%) of the recognized vulnerable customers. The OKR stresses on precisely identifying customers who fall into this category, developing an assistance program specifically designed to their requirements, and giving relevant training to the staff responsible for delivering the program.

In order to successfully achieve this OKR, all procedures were measured from 0 to 100%, indicating that full completion or progress to completion is to be tracked for each process.
  • ObjectiveEnhance protection of vulnerable customers against fraud
  • Key ResultTrain 100% of customer service representatives on fraud detection and prevention
  • TaskMonitor and evaluate participants' understanding and application
  • TaskDevelop comprehensive fraud detection and prevention training program
  • TaskSchedule mandatory training sessions for all representatives
  • Key ResultDecrease fraud incidents among vulnerable customers by 40%
  • TaskImplement stronger identity verification measures for customer transactions
  • TaskEnhance fraud detection software to identify suspicious activities
  • TaskDevelop fraud awareness and prevention training for staff
  • Key ResultImplement a guided session program for 90% of identified vulnerable customers
  • TaskIdentify customers who are deemed vulnerable
  • TaskDevelop guided session program tailored to their needs
  • TaskTrain staff in delivering the program
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