OKR template to implement CX platform (Service Now)

public-lib · Published 3 months ago

The OKR pertains to implementing a customer experience platform named Service Now. This platform is designed to help businesses manage workflows and tasks by automating processes and enhancing productivity. The main objective is to acquire the system and customize it to meet the company's specific business needs.

The strategy to realize the objective involves developing a configuration plan, implementing and testing changes in the Service Now setup, and identifying business needs not met by the current system. This will involve an in-depth analysis of the existing business processes, user requirements, and system configuration needs.

Once the system is tailored to meet the business needs, the next target is to launch it for all departments. This aspect of the OKR includes implementing a company-wide communication strategy, ensuring that post-launch technical support is available, and organizing comprehensive training sessions for employees in all departments.

The last part of the OKR is concentrated on effectively familiarizing team members with the new system. Initiatives under this include identifying team members that require training, monitoring their proficiency after training, and arranging relevant training sessions to boost their proficiency in Service Now.
  • ObjectiveImplement CX platform (Service Now)
  • Key ResultCustomize Service Now to meet business needs
  • TaskDevelop configuration plan to address identified business needs
  • TaskImplement and test changes in Service Now setup
  • TaskIdentify specific business needs lacking in current Service Now configuration
  • Key ResultSuccessfully launch Service Now for all departments
  • TaskImplement a company-wide communication strategy
  • TaskEnsure adequate technical support is available post-launch
  • TaskArrange comprehensive training sessions for all departmental employees
  • Key ResultTrain all relevant team members on using Service Now effectively
  • TaskIdentify team members that require Service Now training
  • TaskMonitor and assess team members' post-training proficiency
  • TaskArrange training sessions on using Service Now
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