OKR template to secure $1 million for the pre-seed funding round

public-lib · Published about 2 months ago

The primary objective of this OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is to secure $1 million for a pre-seed funding round. The first outcome is to identify and reach out to 50 potential investors by the end of phase 1. The methods to achieve this involve finding potential investors through business directories or networking, locating their contact information, and initiating contact through personalized emails.

The second outcome is to secure investment commitments from at least 50% of the investors reached by the end of the final phase. The initiatives set to achieve this include creating an engaging presentation, conducting regular meetings with interested investors, and finalizing investment commitments through negotiations.

The third outcome aims to secure meetings with at least 25% of the investors identified by phase 2. Strategies to reach this goal involve creating a compelling investment proposal, scheduling meetings with potential investors, and conducting extensive research for effective pitching.

In summary, this OKR revolves around identifying potential investors, successfully pitching to them to secure meetings, and eventually negotiating with them to get investment commitments to reach the $1 million goal for the pre-seed funding round.
  • ObjectiveSecure $1 million for the pre-seed funding round
  • Key ResultIdentify and reach out to 50 potential investors by end of phase 1
  • TaskInitiate contact with each investor through personalized emails
  • TaskResearch and locate contact information for identified investors
  • TaskIdentify 50 potential investors using business directories or networking
  • Key ResultAchieve commitment for investment from minimum 50% met investors by final phase
  • TaskNegotiate and finalize investment commitments from participating investors
  • TaskCreate a compelling presentation for potential investors
  • TaskSchedule and conduct regular meetings with interested investors
  • Key ResultSecure meetings with at least 25% of identified investors by phase 2
  • TaskCreate a persuasive investment proposal
  • TaskSchedule and arrange meetings with identified investors
  • TaskIdentify and research potential investors for pitching
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