OKR template to consolidate and streamline server infrastructure

public-lib · Published about 2 months ago

The OKR aims to unify and improve the existing server infrastructure. The first outcome emphasizes creating an upgrade plan for the remaining servers - assessing needed improvements, identifying servers needing upgrades, and establishing an upgrade timeline. This thorough cautious approach ensures each server's maximum utility and proper upgrade.

The second outcome focuses on implementing new server technology into 40% of the systems. It involves identifying appropriate systems, preparing these for technology upgrades, and initiating the system upgrade. The drive behind this is to incorporate the latest server technologies while ensuring seamless integration.

The final outcome seeks to reduce the number of active servers by 15% without impacting performance. The steps involve identifying the least occupied servers that can be consolidated, ensuring that the consolidation doesn't affect user experience, and monitoring server performance post-consolidation. This is critical to maintaining an optimal server count without sacrificing performance levels.

In conclusion, this OKR lays the groundwork for optimizing server infrastructure, from upgrading server technology to consolidating active servers. It aims for an efficient and enhanced server framework that aligns with technology advancements and optimizes resource utilization without compromising user experience.
  • ObjectiveConsolidate and streamline server infrastructure
  • Key ResultCreate comprehensive upgrade plan for remaining servers
  • TaskAnalyze necessary improvements for each server
  • TaskIdentify all servers that require an upgrade
  • TaskSketch a detailed upgrade timeline
  • Key ResultImplement updated server technology in 40% of systems
  • TaskIdentify the systems suitable for updated server technology
  • TaskCommence 40% system upgrade with updated server technology
  • TaskPrepare servers for technology upgrades in chosen systems
  • Key ResultReduce active servers by 15% without impacting performance
  • TaskExecute server consolidation without affecting user experience
  • TaskIdentify least-occupied servers and potential consolidation opportunities
  • TaskMonitor server performance regularly post-consolidation
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