OKR template to improve CI infrastructure by migrating to a modern provider

public-lib · Published about 1 year ago

This OKR is centered around the improvement of the Continuous Integration (CI) infrastructure by focusing on the migration to a new, modern provider. The first objective set is to attain a 99% uptime on the new CI infrastructure, ensuring that services will be available for use most of the time.

The second objective emphasizes on increasing developer satisfaction with the newly implemented CI tools. The goal is to ensure the tools are user-friendly and intuitive, boosting developer productivity. This objective includes activities such as training and documentation, feedback solicitation, and appropriate tool selection based on developer needs.

The third objective focuses on reducing the average build time by 20% through CI pipeline process optimization. This objective will be attained by optimizing build scripts and dependencies, using caching mechanisms to speed up processes, implementing parallel builds and distribution of test suites, and identifying areas within the CI pipeline that require improvement.

Finally, the last objective aims to successfully migrate all CI repositories and configurations to the new provider. This endeavor would involve a detailed analysis of the current repositories and configurations, drafting a detailed migration plan, testing the process on a sample repository, and then executing the final migration for all CI repositories and configurations.
  • ObjectiveImprove CI infrastructure by migrating to a modern provider
  • Key ResultAchieve 99% uptime for the CI infrastructure on the new provider
  • Key ResultIncrease developer satisfaction by implementing user-friendly and intuitive CI tools
  • TaskProvide training and documentation to ensure developers can effectively use the new CI tools
  • TaskRegularly solicit feedback and make improvements to the CI tools based on developers' input
  • TaskResearch and select user-friendly and intuitive CI tools that meet developers' needs
  • TaskConduct a survey to gather feedback and pain points from developers
  • Key ResultReduce average build time by 20% through optimization of CI pipeline processes
  • TaskOptimize build scripts and dependencies for faster compilation and build times
  • TaskUtilize caching mechanisms to reduce redundant steps and speed up the build process
  • TaskImplement parallel builds and distribute test suites across multiple agents
  • TaskAnalyze current CI pipeline bottlenecks and identify areas for improvement
  • Key ResultSuccessfully migrate all CI repositories and configurations to the new provider
  • TaskAnalyze current CI repositories and configurations
  • TaskCreate a detailed plan for migrating repositories and configurations
  • TaskTest the migration process on a sample repository
  • TaskExecute the migration of all CI repositories and configurations
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