OKR template to enhance communication skills and overcome shyness

public-lib · Published about 1 month ago

This OKR focuses on enhancing communication skills and overcoming shyness. The goal is to become more comfortable in social and networking settings, allowing for better interactions with diverse individuals. This will be achieved through initiatives like attending networking events at least twice a month.

This objective also aims to extend this interaction online, by enrolling in an online course focused on public speaking and interpersonal communication skills. Completion and active participation in the course activities would testify to achieving this aimed outcome.

Weekly activities requiring public speaking and initiating conversations with strangers have also been outlined as initiatives towards overcoming shyness. Activities such as volunteering to present at local community meetings, enrolling in debate clubs, and striking up conversations with new people daily are some suggested ways.

To ensure accountability and measure progress, each outcome has been assigned a quantifiable score-format, with a 0-100% success scale. This will help track improvements in communication and confidence over time, thus helping achieve the broader objective.
  • ObjectiveEnhance communication skills and overcome shyness
  • Key ResultAttend two networking events every month to interact with diverse individuals
  • TaskSchedule two networking events into personal calendar
  • TaskResearch local networking events happening nearby
  • TaskRegularly engage and interact with attendees during events
  • Key ResultComplete an online course in public speaking or interpersonal communication skills
  • TaskFind and enroll in a relevant online public speaking course
  • TaskSuccessfully complete and pass all course evaluations and exams
  • TaskActively participate in all course activities and assignments
  • Key ResultEngage in weekly activities requiring public speaking or initiating conversation with strangers
  • TaskStrike up conversation with a new person in a public place daily
  • TaskVolunteer to present at weekly community meetings or events
  • TaskEnroll in a local weekly debate club or toastmaster session
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