OKR template to successfully launch two unique activities this year

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This OKR (Objective and Key Results) revolves around the successful launch of two distinct activities during the year. Feedback will be collected and examined from participants post-activity to ensure alignment with the envisioned goals, with a clear initiative in place to perform these tasks.

The first unique activity will undergo identification and planning within the initial quarter with a clear structure outlined by the fourth week. Completing this structure by week four, identifying the activity and developing a detailed outline are the key initiatives.

The second activity will have its logistics finalized and resources secured by week eight. The initiatives include identifying the resources needed, securing them by the seventh week, and solidifying all logistical aspects by the eighth week.

By following each pathway predefined in these OKRs with clear milestones and initiatives mapped out, the twin activities will meet their intended purpose and be a success.
  • ObjectiveSuccessfully launch two unique activities this year
  • Key ResultEvaluate and document participant feedback to ensure each activity meets intended goals
  • TaskConduct a feedback survey after each activity
  • TaskDocument findings and suggest improvements
  • TaskAnalyze collected feedback for goal alignment
  • Key ResultIdentify and outline the structure of the first activity by end of week 4
  • TaskComplete activity structure by week 4
  • TaskIdentify the first activity for analysis
  • TaskDevelop a detailed outline for the activity
  • Key ResultSecure resources and finalize logistics for the second activity by week 8
  • TaskSecure all identified resources by week 7
  • TaskIdentify necessary resources for the second activity
  • TaskConfirm all logistics arrangements by week 8
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