OKR template to enhance and promote collaboration within the new team

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The OKR titled "Enhance and promote collaboration within the new team" primarily focusses on nurturing a collaborative environment within a new team setup. The first outcome, "Implement a weekly round-table discussion to share ideas and progress," aims at promoting open conversation about progress and thoughts. Initiatives for this outcome include setting up a regular meeting schedule and developing a structured agenda.

Another objective is "Conduct at least four productive team-building activities," which highlights the need for fostering team cohesion through activities. Steps involved here comprise planning and scheduling varied team activities, researching suitable options, and gathering necessary materials and resources.

The final objective under this OKR is "Increase project workflow transparency by 30% through a shared online platform." This aims to ensure every team member has a clear understanding of ongoing project statuses, thereby contributing to enhanced team collaboration. To achieve this, the team will need to implement an online project management tool, keep it updated at all times, and train the team to use it effectively.

Overall, this OKR aims to foster a more integrated, communicative and transparent team environment, thus promoting healthier and more efficient collaboration.
  • ObjectiveEnhance and promote collaboration within the new team
  • Key ResultImplement a weekly round-table discussion to share ideas and progress
  • TaskDevelop a structured agenda for idea sharing
  • TaskCreate a recurring weekly meeting schedule for discussions
  • TaskAssign a meeting facilitator to track progress
  • Key ResultConduct at least 4 productive team-building activities
  • TaskPlan and schedule 4 different team activities
  • TaskResearch various team-building activities suitable for the team
  • TaskOrganize necessary materials and resources
  • Key ResultIncrease project workflow transparency by 30% through a shared online platform
  • TaskImplement a shared online project management platform
  • TaskRegularly update each project's status on the platform
  • TaskTrain team on using the new platform effectively
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