OKR template to efficiently eliminate the existing datacenter to minimize costs

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The key objective of this OKR is to efficiently eliminate the existing datacenter, resulting in substantial cost savings. This includes reducing datacenter infrastructure costs by 20% through efficient decommissioning. Identifying underutilized or outdated equipment for decommissioning and evaluating the effectiveness of the current datacenter infrastructure are among the initiatives.

Furthermore, it involves achieving a 30% cost saving by transitioning to cloud-based services. Initiatives such as analyzing cost differences between the current setup and cloud-based services, formulating and implementing a transition plan to cloud services, and pinpointing potential cloud-based service providers are pivotal to accomplishing this objective.

Another critical aspect of this OKR is training the IT team to manage these new services, thereby increasing operational efficiency by 25%. Initiatives for this include analyzing performance improvements after training, identifying necessary training for the IT team to manage the new services effectively, and scheduling and conducting IT training sessions.

In terms of impact, this OKR will help achieve substantial financial savings by phasing out the existing datacenter in favor of more cost-effective options. It will also empower the IT team with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage the new services, hence better operational efficiency.
  • ObjectiveEfficiently eliminate the existing datacenter to minimize costs
  • Key ResultReduce data center infrastructure costs by 20% through efficient decommissioning
  • TaskIdentify underutilized or outdated equipment for decommissioning
  • TaskEvaluate effectiveness of current data center infrastructure
  • TaskImplement efficient decommissioning processes to reduce costs
  • Key ResultAchieve 30% cost savings by transitioning to cloud-based services
  • TaskAnalyze cost comparison between current and cloud-based services
  • TaskDevelop and implement transition plan to cloud services
  • TaskIdentify potential cloud-based service providers
  • Key ResultTrain IT team to manage new services, increasing operational efficiency by 25%
  • TaskEvaluate performance improvements post-training
  • TaskIdentify necessary training for IT team for new services
  • TaskSchedule and conduct IT training sessions
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