OKR template to successfully purge Sanctioned companies from our databases

public-lib · Published 29 days ago

The OKR aims for the complete identification and eventual removal of all sanctioned companies from the database. The first objective focuses on successfully identifying all sanctioned companies present in the database within two weeks. This involves initiatives like thoroughly reviewing the database, ensuring regular checks and updates, and implementing a systematic approach to highlight these sanctioned companies.

The next stage of this OKR involves initiating the removal process for 75% of the identified sanctioned companies, to be completed within four weeks. This will require putting in place an efficient removal process, creating a timetable to guide the removal project, and identifying which sanctioned companies are a top priority for removal.

The final objective of this OKR is to confirm the total removal and successful system update of all sanctioned companies within a six-week period. To ensure this is achieved, it is important to execute the removal and update processes as scheduled, verify implementation success after each update, and schedule an all-encompassing system update for the flagged companies.

In summary, the aim of this OKR is to review, identify, prioritize, remove, and confirm the successful removal of all sanctioned companies from our databases. This process is to be carried out effectively and efficiently within a stipulated timeframe to ensure minimal disruption to normal business operations.
  • ObjectiveSuccessfully purge Sanctioned companies from our databases
  • Key ResultAchieve identification of 100% of sanctioned companies in database within 2 weeks
  • TaskReview current database and update any missing company information
  • TaskRun regular checks and updates to maintain database accuracy
  • TaskImplement a systematic approach to identify sanctioned companies
  • Key ResultInitiate removal process for 75% of identified sanctioned companies within 4 weeks
  • TaskImplement removal process for the prioritized companies
  • TaskCreate timetable for efficient removal process within 4 weeks
  • TaskIdentify which sanctioned companies in the list are prioritized for removal
  • Key ResultConfirm 100% successful removal and system update for the sanctioned companies in 6 weeks
  • TaskExecute update and removal processes on scheduled date
  • TaskVerify successful implementation post-update
  • TaskSchedule a system update for the sanctioned companies
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