OKR template to establish insightful scientific mentoring program for laboratory procedures

public-lib · Published 9 days ago

This OKR focuses on establishing an effective scientific mentoring program for lab procedures. The first objective aims to score an average of 4.5 in feedback by providing additional support, evaluating and updating the program based on feedback, and by developing high-quality content.

Secondly, the goal is to curate a six-week syllabus that covers scientific aspects comprehensively. This includes arranging topics into a detailed course outline, drafting weekly lesson plans, and identifying key scientific topics crucial to the syllabus.

A third crucial objective is to secure a minimum of three experts from relevant scientific fields as mentors. This will involve sending personalized invitation emails, conducting meetings with them, and identifying the right experts for the domain.

The end goal is a high-quality, insight-driven mentoring program that effectively trains participants in laboratory procedures, while incorporating essential scientific knowledge. Regular program evaluations ensure it stays updated, relevant, and effective.
  • ObjectiveEstablish insightful scientific mentoring program for laboratory procedures
  • Key ResultAchieve an average score of 4.5 on feedback form regarding program effectiveness
  • TaskOffer additional support and resources for participant success
  • TaskRegularly evaluate and update the program based on feedback
  • TaskDevelop high quality, engaging and relevant content for the program
  • Key ResultCurate a comprehensive syllabus covering the scientific aspects by week 6
  • TaskArrange topics into a six-week course outline
  • TaskDraft detailed weekly lesson plans
  • TaskIdentify key scientific topics to include in the syllabus
  • Key ResultSecure at least 3 experts from relevant scientific fields as mentors
  • TaskDraft personalized emails inviting them to mentor
  • TaskSchedule and conduct one-on-one meetings with them
  • TaskIdentify 3 experts in relevant scientific fields
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