OKR template to comprehensive inventory creation of Business-led IT services

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This OKR is aimed at organizing an exhaustive inventory of Business-led IT services. The primary objective is to pinpoint all existing services under this category for inclusion in the inventory. The initiative to accomplish this involves integrating these services into the inventory system, conducting a full-scale survey of all IT services, and categorizing services by business domain.

The next targeted outcome is to achieve a 95% accuracy rate in cataloguing these identified services. To meet this goal, several initiatives are planned. These include regular staff training on cataloguing best practices, consistent review and correction of catalogue entries, and implementing detailed cataloguing standards and procedures.

Furthermore, the aim is to implement an intuitive, user-friendly system to access the established inventory. Several initiatives have been outlined to achieve this target. These include conducting regular testing and iterations for system improvements, developing a system design that emphasizes a user-friendly interface, and identifying user needs and preferences for the inventory system.

Overall, these actions will provide a systematic and comprehensive structure to inventory Business-led IT services. Maintaining a high level of accuracy and ensuring user-friendly access are crucial to the success of this initiative.
  • ObjectiveComprehensive inventory creation of Business-led IT services
  • Key ResultIdentify 100% of existing Business-led IT services for inclusion in the inventory
  • TaskIntegrate identified IT services into the inventory system
  • TaskConduct a comprehensive survey of all existing IT services
  • TaskCategorize identified services based on business domain
  • Key ResultAchieve a 95% accuracy rate in cataloguing these identified IT services
  • TaskTrain staff regularly on cataloguing best practices
  • TaskConsistently review and correct catalogue entries
  • TaskImplement detailed cataloguing standards and procedures
  • Key ResultImplement an intuitive, user-friendly system to access the established inventory
  • TaskConduct frequent testing and subsequent iterations for system improvements
  • TaskDevelop system design with emphasis on user-friendly interface
  • TaskIdentify user needs and preferences for inventory system
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