OKR template to improve Advisory NPS through baseline measurement and analysis

public-lib · Published 4 months ago

The OKR aims to enhance Advisory Net Promoter Score (NPS) through accurate measurement and analysis. The primary objective is to establish and execute targeted improvement strategies developed through the insights obtained from Advisory NPS.

The first important outcome of the OKR is to develop strategies addressing the identified weaknesses. The procedures to achieve this include systematic implementation of improvement strategies and deep analysis of the Advisory NPS feedback.

Another important outcome is to gather Advisory NPS data through a comprehensive customer satisfaction survey. The initiatives involved include developing and sending out an effective survey to existing advisory customers, followed by the analysis of the survey results.

The process also includes thorough analysis and comparison of Advisory NPS scores across different customer segments. Initiatives for this process entail segmenting customers accurately, analyzing individual segment scores and comparing them across all segments for comprehensive understanding.
  • ObjectiveImprove Advisory NPS through baseline measurement and analysis
  • Key ResultDevelop and implement targeted improvement strategies based on Advisory NPS insights
  • TaskImplement the planned improvement strategies systematically
  • TaskAnalyze Advisory NPS feedback to identify areas for improvement
  • TaskDevelop strategies to address identified weaknesses
  • Key ResultConduct customer satisfaction survey to gather Advisory NPS data
  • TaskDevelop a comprehensive customer satisfaction survey
  • TaskSend survey to existing advisory customers
  • TaskAnalyze survey results for NPS data
  • Key ResultAnalyze and compare Advisory NPS scores across different customer segments
  • TaskAnalyze Advisory NPS scores for each segment
  • TaskCategorize customers into different segments
  • TaskCompare NPS scores across all segments
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