OKR template to optimize the performance of our venture capital portfolio

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The OKR is centered on optimizing the performance of a venture capital portfolio. This includes conducting thorough due diligence on 30 or more start-ups to identify potential investment opportunities. Several activities support these initiatives including discussing findings with the investment committee, compiling a list of potential start-ups based on industry trends and financial health, and analysing each start-up's business model and market potential.

It also seeks to improve the current portfolio's returns on investment (ROI) by 15%. This will be achieved by identifying and rectifying underperforming assets, conducting market research to find profitable opportunities and developing and implementing an investment diversification strategy.

A further objective is to decrease underperforming investments by 20%. This will involve comprehensive risk assessments on each asset, identifying underperforming investments, and subsequently, strategically selling off around a fifth of these underperforming assets.

In summary, the OKR focuses on enhancing the portfolio's performance through careful start-up selection, ROI maximization, and mitigation of poor-performing investments. This will lead not only to optimization of the venture capital portfolio but also to greater financial health and stability.
  • ObjectiveOptimize the performance of our venture capital portfolio
  • Key ResultConduct 30+ thorough due diligence to identify promising start-ups for investment
  • TaskPresent and discuss findings with the investment committee for decision making
  • TaskCompile a list of potential startups based on industry trends and financial health
  • TaskConduct a detailed analysis of each startup's business model and market potential
  • Key ResultIncrease portfolio ROI by 15% through strategic investments and diversification
  • TaskReview current portfolio, identify underperforming assets
  • TaskConduct market research for profitable investment opportunities
  • TaskDevelop and implement a diversification strategy
  • Key ResultDecrease underperforming investments by 20% by performing comprehensive risk assessments
  • TaskConduct comprehensive risk assessments on each asset
  • TaskIdentify underperforming investments in your portfolio
  • TaskStrategically sell off 20% of underperforming assets
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