OKR template to achieve proficiency in full-stack development with nestjs, React, and dynamodb

public-lib · Published 2 months ago

This OKR primarily focuses on gaining expertise in full-stack software development with the use of nestjs, React, and DynamoDB. The primary objective involves three core outcomes, each pertaining to a different technology. The first outcome is about successfully completing a comprehensive NestJS course with a grade of 85% or above.

The second outcome encompasses the development of a complex application module using React without any major glitches. This involves crafting a meticulous plan for the development of the module, doing thorough testing and debugging, and developing the module as per the outlined plan.

The third outcome targets successful implementation of two relevant DynamoDB projects with optimal performance and efficiency. This involves defining the project goals and scope, designing and developing the DynamoDB projects, and testing, optimizing, and launching the projects.

Overall, this OKR reflects a strong aspiration to master full-stack software development with a specific focus on nestjs, React, and DynamoDB through guided learning and practical deployment of acquired knowledge.
  • ObjectiveAchieve proficiency in full-stack development with nestjs, React, and dynamodb
  • Key ResultComplete a comprehensive course on nestjs with a test score of 85% or above
  • TaskIdentify and enroll in a comprehensive NestJS course
  • TaskComplete all course modules and perform regular revisions
  • TaskPractice and prepare thoroughly for the test
  • Key ResultDevelop a complex application module using React ensuring no major bugs
  • TaskDesign a detailed plan for the React application module
  • TaskPerform rigorous testing and debugging
  • TaskDevelop the module thoroughly following outlined plan
  • Key ResultSuccessfully implement 2 relevant dynamodb projects with optimal performance and efficiency
  • TaskDefine project goals, scope and criteria for optimized DynamoDB usage
  • TaskDesign, develop and debug the DynamoDB projects
  • TaskTest, optimize, and launch the projects
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