OKR template to make business travel process fully digital

public-lib · Published about 1 month ago

The OKR aims to thoroughly digitize the business travel process. The inaugural objective is to spot and catalogue all paper-reliant chores associated with business travel by week’s end. This involves studying team members' experiences, researching common corporate travel tasks, and collating a comprehensive list within the stipulated timeline.

The second objective is centered on creating a digital solution for these identified tasks within week 5. The approach involves adding the discovery of tasks needing digital resolutions to the work plan for week 5, sketching a rudimentary design for the digital alternative, and then initiating implementation.

The final goal focuses on reaching a massive employee adoption rate (95%) for the new digital process during the trial phase. To achieve this, it is suggested to encourage early adopters with incentives, conduct informational training sessions on the new process, and proactively collect feedback while troubleshooting any issues that might arise.

This digitalization is expected to smoothen out the business travel process, curtail unnecessary paper dependency, and improve the user adoption rate leading to wider acceptance and usage of the new system.
  • ObjectiveMake business travel process fully digital
  • Key ResultIdentify and list all paper-dependent tasks in business travel by end of week 1
  • TaskSurvey team members about paper-dependent tasks in business travel
  • TaskResearch common paper-dependent tasks in corporate travel
  • TaskCompile list of identified paper-dependent travel tasks by end of week 1
  • Key ResultDesign and implement a digital solution for identified tasks within week 5
  • TaskIdentify specific tasks requiring digital solution during week 5
  • TaskSketch out a basic design for the digital solution
  • TaskBegin implementing the devised digital solution
  • Key ResultAchieve 95% employee adoption of the new digital process in trial phase
  • TaskOffer incentives for early adopters in trial phase
  • TaskConduct informative training sessions on new digital process
  • TaskSeek feedback and troubleshoot issues quickly
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