OKR template to establish consistent monthly earnings through cryptocurrency investments

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This OKR aims to generate steady earnings, month over month, through cryptocurrency investments. The primary objective here requires putting money into three different digital currencies with an expectation of getting at least a 10% positive return on the investment. Monitoring the market to make necessary investment adjustments is a key initiative of this goal.

The second element of this OKR is to gain solid knowledge about cryptocurrency investments by studying five detailed books. Between selecting, reading, and summarizing the main takeaways from each book, this outcome ensures a deep understanding of crypto investments. Scheduling regular weekly reading sessions is also encouraged.

Next up in this OKR is the commitment to closely track the investments on an everyday basis. The intention is to always have a monthly profitability above $200. This is performed by regularly analyzing profitability reports, adjusting investments to safeguard profits, and monitoring the worth of the investment portfolio daily.

Overall, this OKR sets a clear roadmap to successfully establish stable monthly earnings via cryptocurrency investments. Apart from making wise investments, it lays great emphasis on active monitoring and a continual learning approach to make informed investment decisions.
  • ObjectiveEstablish consistent monthly earnings through cryptocurrency investments
  • Key ResultInvest in 3 diverse cryptocurrencies, aiming for 10% positive return
  • TaskResearch and select three diverse cryptocurrencies to invest in
  • TaskSet a financial goal aiming for a 10% positive return
  • TaskMonitor and adjust investments accordingly as market changes
  • Key ResultAcquire fundamental knowledge on cryptocurrency investment by reading 5 comprehensive books
  • TaskSummarize key points from each book
  • TaskSchedule regular reading sessions weekly
  • TaskResearch and select 5 books on cryptocurrency investment
  • Key ResultTrack investments daily, maintain a monthly profitability above $200
  • TaskAnalyze profitability reports daily
  • TaskAdjust investments to ensure profits exceed $200
  • TaskMonitor investment portfolio value each day
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