OKR template to minimize customer fraud risk exposure

public-lib · Published 3 months ago

This OKR is centered around minimizing customer fraud risk exposure. It details a set of objectives and sub-objectives that aim to reduce fraud risk. The approach includes training 90% of the organization's staff in anti-fraud techniques, decreasing successful fraud cases by 30% via system security improvements, and implementing a new risk-assessment tool to improve fraud detection by 20%.

The first objective involves training the staff on anti-fraud techniques. Techniques include identification of fraudulent activities, and implementing relevant training programs. The goal is to train the majority (90%) of the staff, and the initiatives also include organizing mandatory training sessions and documenting staff participation and comprehension.

The second objective focuses on improving system security to decrease successful fraud cases. By educating employees on recognizing potential fraud, regularly updating and patching security software, and implementing advanced fraud detection systems, the company aims to reduce successful fraudulent cases by 30%.

The final objective revolves around the implementation of a new risk-assessment tool that is expected to improve detection by another 20%. This involves researching and selecting a suitable tool, monitoring and evaluating its effectiveness, and training the team on its use.
  • ObjectiveMinimize customer fraud risk exposure
  • Key ResultTrain 90% staff on anti-fraud techniques and identification
  • TaskIdentify relevant anti-fraud training programs or courses
  • TaskOrganize and schedule mandatory training sessions for staff
  • TaskMonitor and document staff participation and comprehension
  • Key ResultDecrease successful fraud cases by 30% through improved system security
  • TaskEducate employees on recognizing potential fraud
  • TaskRegularly update and patch security software
  • TaskImplement advanced fraud detection software systems
  • Key ResultImplement new risk-assessment tool improving detection by 20%
  • TaskResearch and select a new risk-assessment tool
  • TaskMonitor and evaluate tool’s effectiveness
  • TaskTrain team on how to use new tool
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