OKR template to enter the US market

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Here's a simple OKRs plan for an organization that wants to enter the US market.

Looking at revenues is a sure way to measure success, but it's generally a lagging indicator of success and it might take some time before you see the first deals being closed.

This is why the first KR is about tracking the pipeline (pre-revenue). It should be able to move early in the quarter, giving you some great insights on how to adjust your strategy.

On the Marketing side, there's also a second OKRs that focuses on increasing the brand presence in the US.

  • ObjectiveShift our sales effort to focus on the US market
  • Key ResultRecruit 10 sales partners in the US
  • TaskCreate partnership resources and templates
  • TaskCreate outreach script
  • TaskIdentify 50 potential partners
  • Key ResultGenerate a pipeline of $500K in the US
  • TaskGet a list of 1,000 companies to qualify
  • TaskRecruit new SDRs
  • TaskCreate sales playbook for the US market
  • Key Result20% of new sales come from the US
  • ObjectiveDevelop a strong voice in the US
  • Key Result20% of the Marketing Qualified Leads are coming from the US
  • Key ResultAttend 3 conferences in America
  • Key ResultOrganize 10 webinars for the US audience
  • TaskCreate a list of 30 tiers-1 guests for our webinars
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