OKR template to develop proficiency in TypeScript

public-lib · Published 12 months ago

This OKR aims to develop proficiency in the programming language TypeScript. It involves participation in at least three shared projects and making noteworthy contributions towards these projects, demonstrated through effective teamwork and collaboration. Another key feature is accommodating this learned skill into personal coding projects that span different aspects of TypeScript's application.

Subsequently, there's a plan to build a comprehensive portfolio, showcasing a variety of TypeScript projects with a detailed explanation of each project. The setup should be done in a manner that garners positive feedback from peers or potential employers. Furthermore, the completion of an online TypeScript course with a minimum pass grade of 90% is also a part of this OKR.

Initiatives to achieve these objectives include proactive involvement in collaborative TypeScript projects, communicating and requesting to participate, and showcasing completed projects. Planning and designing personal coding projects are also crucial. Sharing the created portfolio with potential networks and employers and actively seeking feedback are other planned steps, alongside picking a quality online course and setting up a detailed study plan.

Success is measured quantitatively with a score format of "_number_%". Progress from zero to a hundred percent is steadily monitored for all the defined outcomes. This includes collaborations, personal projects, portfolio creations, and course completions, ensuring a holistic development approach in TypeScript.
  • ObjectiveDevelop proficiency in TypeScript
  • Key ResultParticipate in a minimum of three collaborative projects involving TypeScript, showcasing effective teamwork and contributions
  • TaskContribute effectively to the TypeScript projects by sharing ideas and working collaboratively
  • TaskCommunicate and request to participate in the identified projects
  • TaskShowcasing the completed projects to highlight the effective teamwork and individual contributions
  • TaskIdentify three collaborative projects involving TypeScript
  • Key ResultWrite TypeScript code for at least two personal coding projects, covering different areas of application
  • TaskPlan and brainstorm ideas for two personal coding projects
  • TaskWrite TypeScript code for the first coding project, covering its designated area
  • TaskWrite TypeScript code for the second coding project, covering its designated area
  • TaskResearch and choose different areas of application for each coding project
  • Key ResultCreate a portfolio showcasing TypeScript projects with detailed explanations, attracting positive feedback from peers or potential employers
  • TaskShare the portfolio with peers and potential employers through online platforms or personal networking
  • TaskProvide detailed explanations and documentation for each project, highlighting their purpose and technical details
  • TaskIdentify a diverse range of TypeScript projects to include in the portfolio
  • TaskActively seek feedback from peers and potential employers to continuously improve the portfolio
  • Key ResultComplete an online TypeScript course and pass all assessments with a score of 90% or above
  • TaskTake all assessments seriously, review all material thoroughly, and aim for a score of 90% or above
  • TaskResearch and choose a reputable online TypeScript course that covers all necessary topics
  • TaskEngage in active learning by practicing coding exercises and seeking clarification when needed
  • TaskCreate a study schedule with dedicated time slots and milestones for completing each module
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