OKR template to build a robust Advisory Board with ten industry-leading experts

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The OKR's overarching aim is to build a robust Advisory Board, specifically with ten leading industry professionals. The first objective is geared towards identifying at least 30 potential candidates for the Advisory Board positions, marking the beginning of the selection process. This reflects due diligence since it increases the probability of shortlisting the most qualified individuals.

The second objective focuses on successfully onboarding the selected ten experts onto the Advisory Board. This includes ensuring their availability for board roles, completing official paperwork for appointments and scheduling orientation sessions to familiarize them with their responsibilities. Evidently, this aims at facilitating a seamless entry for new members into the board, which is integral to their performance.

The third objective involves reaching out and holding preliminary discussions with the 30 identified experts. The initiatives under this objective include compiling the contact details, scheduling and initiating outreach, and professionally drafting an invitation letter for preliminary discussion. Execution of these initiatives feeds into the eventual success of the Board building process, making it a foundational activity.

Finally, it's clear that this OKR is anchored in thoroughness and precision. Firstly, an extensive list of possible Advisory Board members is created, then carefully whittled down to the best ten. Subsequent steps ensure the selected experts are brought on board smoothly and are equipped with the right information to execute their roles effectively.
  • ObjectiveBuild a robust Advisory Board with ten industry-leading experts
  • Key ResultIdentify and list at least 30 potential experts for Advisory Board roles
  • Key ResultSuccessfully onboard ten selected experts onto the Advisory Board
  • TaskIdentify and confirm availability of selected experts for Advisory Board positions
  • TaskArrange necessary paperwork for official appointments
  • TaskSchedule orientation session to brief experts about responsibilities
  • Key ResultReach out and hold preliminary discussions with the shortlisted 30 experts
  • TaskCompile the contact details of the shortlisted 30 experts
  • TaskSchedule and initiate outreach to each expert
  • TaskDraft a professional invitation for preliminary discussions
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