OKR template to secure SBP Pilot Approval

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The OKR is centered around acquiring approval for an SBP (Standard Business Procedure) Pilot initiative. The first outcome revolves around organizing three meetings with an approval committee to discuss the project. This will be achieved through an ideal date identification process, sending an invite with agenda, and preparation of a presentation for the project.

The second outcome entails finalizing and submitting all documents required for the SBP pilot approval. The strategy to achieve this includes refining the approval documents, depositing them to the relevant parties, and performing a thorough review of all the approval documents.

Completing and running tests on the SBP pilot model for the approval process form the third outcome. Implementing this includes finalizing the development of the model, conducting comprehensive tests on the model, and seeking approval from departments for the fully tested model.

In summary, the OKR stresses the importance of systematic planning, preparation and review processes in securing approval for the SBP pilot project. These steps ensure all requirements are met, quality checks are done, and credibility is upheld.
  • ObjectiveSecure SBP Pilot Approval
  • Key ResultOrganize three meetings with the approval committee to discuss the project
  • TaskIdentify suitable dates for meetings with the approval committee
  • TaskSend meeting invites to committee with proposed agenda
  • TaskPrepare presentation on the project for committee
  • Key ResultFinalize and submit all necessary SBP pilot approval documents
  • TaskMake necessary revisions to the approval documents
  • TaskSubmit finalized approval documents to appropriate parties
  • TaskReview all SBP pilot approval documents thoroughly
  • Key ResultSuccessfully complete and test the SBP pilot model for the approval process
  • TaskFinalize development of the SBP pilot model
  • TaskConduct comprehensive testing on the model
  • TaskSeek departmental approval for the fully-tested model
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