OKR template to ensure timely submission of financial statement

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The OKR presented plans to ensure the timely submission of financial statements. This objective consists of implementing a system to track and manage financial records by the second week. This is to be achieved by training staff, selecting, and purchasing a suitable system and researching various available financial tracking systems.

The second part of the objective is to dedicate three days monthly to the consolidation of financial data. This entails gathering and organizing all the necessary financial data. There's also a need to select three appropriate days of each month to carry out data consolidation.

The final part of the OKR involves training and enabling a backup person to handle financial statement preparation. This will be achieved by identifying a suitable person to be trained in financial statement preparation. Furthermore, a comprehensive training schedule will be designed for the select individual, with continuous guidance and support to be provided to them.

Following through with these objectives will ensure that financial statements are always ready when needed. Continuous training, efficient use of resources, and organization will be indispensable in achieving this goal.
  • ObjectiveEnsure timely submission of financial statement
  • Key ResultImplement a system to track and manage financial records by week 2
  • TaskTrain staff on how to use the system
  • TaskChoose and purchase the most suitable system
  • TaskResearch different financial tracking systems available
  • Key ResultDedicate three days each month to consolidate financial data
  • TaskGather and organize all necessary financial data
  • TaskSelect three appropriate days for financial data consolidation
  • TaskPerform data consolidation on chosen dates
  • Key ResultTrain and enable a backup person to handle financial statement preparation
  • TaskIdentify a suitable person for financial statement preparation training
  • TaskDesign a comprehensive training schedule for the selected person
  • TaskProvide continuous guidance and support to the trainee
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