OKR template to minimize expenditure on application hosting

public-lib · Published 24 days ago

The OKR centers on reducing expenditures associated with application hosting. The principal aim is to cut down redundant resource costs by a quarter, achieved by adopting cloud optimization strategies. These strategies include the implementation of right-sizing and cost allocation, identifying and minimizing idle resources, and the use of auto-scaling and automation tools.

Further, around 15% of underused resources or services from the current host are to be identified and eliminated. This involves undertaking a detailed analysis of all resources and services currently in use, identifying those that are underused or redundant, and proceeding to eliminate the unnecessary ones.

Additionally, it aims to reduce hosting costs by a fifth, whether through vendor renegotiations or transitions. This necessitates the initiation of renegotiation talks with the existing host, an in-depth review of current hosting expenses and potential savings, and a comprehensive evaluation of alternative hosting vendors.

Overall, this OKR is committed to reducing expenditure by strategically optimizing cloud resources, eliminating underused resources, and scrutinizing vendor deals to ensure the most cost-efficient application hosting infrastructure.
  • ObjectiveMinimize expenditure on application hosting
  • Key ResultImplement cloud optimization strategies to reduce unnecessary resource costs by 25%
  • TaskImplement right-sizing and cost allocation strategies
  • TaskIdentify idle cloud resources and eliminate or scale down
  • TaskUtilize auto-scaling and automation tools
  • Key ResultIdentify and eliminate 15% of underused resources or services from current host
  • TaskIdentify underused or redundant resources
  • TaskEliminate identified unnecessary resources or services
  • TaskAnalyze current usage of all resources and services
  • Key ResultDecrease hosting cost by 20% through vendor renegotiations or transitions
  • TaskInitiate renegotiation talks with existing vendor
  • TaskReview current hosting costs and potential savings
  • TaskResearch and evaluate alternative hosting vendors
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